Pontianak, 1989.

by Albertus Julianto

After finding a Betamax tape with ‘Pontianak, 1989’ on it, Rara went on a journey down the memory lane of her parent’s love story 31 years ago.

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At the end of 2019, Rara found a recording in the form of a Betamax tape. The tapes read "Pontianak, 1989" which turned out to be a recording of the marriage of his parents first in 1989. The tape had been tried to be played in Pontianak but could not because of constrained inadequate equipment. Rara tried to bring the tape to Jakarta to open the contents of the recording.

Rara wanted to find out how her parents met and in the end decided to get married. The moment that was present 31 years ago was called back to be felt in an intimate chat between mother and child, father and child, and mother and father. Try to remember moments that contain a variety of flavors as a family.









Albertus Julianto

Since I was a child I always saw film as a medium for sharing feelings. I can feel all kinds of emotions through the film and it's very fun. During high school, I started making my first short film entitled "Another Love." The film was enjoyed by my classmates and for me it was a matter of pride. Eventually I found out my biggest interest and decided to go to film school in Tangerang, Indonesia. At present I have made 3 fiction short films, 1 documentary short film, and 1 corporate video for the 2018 Asian Games. Through the films that I have made, I later realized that it is very important to speak about anything and the slightest. It is a relief to be able to convey my heart and mind through a medium that is very familiar to many people. You can check out my film on Viddsee: https://www.viddsee.com/video/anggita/z412 

I want to convey through this film that memory may be a very important part of our lives because it can take us across time, take us to feel a sense that has happened in the past, even meet with someone who hasn't met in their lifetime. Memory may be our only tool that will later remind us that we have been sad, happy, angry, and most importantly, remind us that we are alive. We are in a time of growth, progress, and cannot be repeated. Memory is the only means to recall the past.

Besides that, I also want to talk about love in the eyes of humans. For me, in this day and age it seems that love is increasingly difficult to achieve. Love feels must have a variety of reasons. In fact, for me love is something that happens as it is. Without many reasons to love, especially to love yourself. Through this film I want to invite the audience to look back at themselves, "have I loved enough?"


Memory can bring us to relive moments in the past. There are joys, sorrows, falls in love, loss, and moments when humans grow up. These moments cannot be repeated but it is very possible to be called back through the memory possessed by humans. Memory can also be used to share feelings with fellow humans. Humans have different lives with each other, including the memories that are stored by each human. Humans sometimes forget to re-feel the love that was there when they were young, forget to thank them for the past that has shaped them up to now, even forget to look back on their past lives that once were proud of their family. Progress is felt to hold humans from going forward. Through this documentary, it is hoped that humans will be able to sit down again, reopen the moments that have been passed, live them, and feel the moments again. Back to enjoy time with yourself and family. More importantly, being able to feel love again and see it as something that is eternal, which can penetrate time and space, which can bring yourself to share love back with fellow humans. In realizing this film, we need help from all of you who also want to feel the warmth of memory, the turmoil of love, and want to share your feelings with each other. Be a part of this film, be a part of memory that will be remembered by your dearest person.

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Albertus Julianto

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